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Pretty Garden


Full-Service Landscaping


Keeping your lawn and beds looking great is an ongoing process, we can personalize a maintenance schedule to fit your needs.  Offering a comprehensive list of services, we have the skills to set your garden beds above the rest. 


-Bed Maintenance 

-Flower Planting 



-Shrub Trimming

-Tree Trimming (15ft & under) 


Spring & Fall clean up

Our team at Superior Landscaping comes prepared to remove sticks, leaves, or debris from your entire property.  We will clear all flower beds, hardscapes, or turf beds. 


Seasonal Services include: 



-Gutter cleaning 

-Leaf removal 


-Shrub trimming

-Tree trimming (15ft & under)

Why we Fertilize!

A healthy immune system is necessary for all plants to grow and thrive. Water, nutrients, and sun being the three things needed to sustain life. Plants are regularly watered but their nutrient intake is rarely thought about until there is a problem. Having a healthy plant will guarantee that their natural defenses will be able to sustain against predators and illness.  Fertilizing creates a strong root system that will fight against weeds and fungus. 


Weeding is one in the same as Fertilizing. 

As we fertilize we also make for a well nourished environment for weeds to take hold.  With a strong tight root zone weeds will have a hard time being able to develop and grow.  Consistent weeding in garden beds and lawns is important to maintain the healthy lawn we all work so hard to achieve.  Our expertise will guide you through the process and work diligently to keep your lawn in its optimum condition. 

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